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You have a lot of options for tax partners and vendors.

Why should you work with us?

We care about you.
We are not just a vendor or a resource and we don’t just go through the motions. We are your tax partner. We ask the questions and we really want what’s best for you and to save you money, short and long-term. We care about your present and your future and we get to know you and what you’re wanting for your future so we can work together to make that happen. We are your tax partners, not just a vendor or calculator.

We really know taxes.
Taxes are our only business and so our knowledge of the tax laws is superior to most partners you could work with. We make it our job to study and know taxes to the best of our ability so that you benefit most. This means we will know the best way to save you money, but it also means that we will understand all of your options.

We really get to know you and understand your situation and your needs.
And we provide you with new solutions and new ways of saving money.

We take our role as your tax partner very seriously.
We treat every tax situation and return as if it is our own.

We aren’t in this for the money.
We genuinely care about people and we want to help. And we happen to be really good with numbers and specifically with taxes, so this is the way that we can help others. We treat our clients as if they are an extension of our family and we will be with you through difficult times and through celebration of reaching your goals.

You work directly with us.
There are no other people in our office that your work will get passed off to. We will take care of you personally and that is important to us.

We love what we do. 
We know that taxes are stressful and confusing for most people, but we love what we do. We especially love that we help our client to achieve financial success and freedom. We want them to feel confident that they are making the best financial decisions, and saving money wherever they can.

We are here to help, and we love helping!

Learn about what we do.

We are a group of family-oriented, value-driven and hard-working tax preparers with combined 45 years of experience. We believe that people matter more than money or things and we run our business accordingly.

Registered Tax Return Preparer

Shannon Jackson

Shannon Jackson has been preparing taxes since 2003. He has always loved numbers, even multiplying the numbers on license plates as a child. He is drawn by his ability to help people through his gift with numbers. He values his family above all else, working with his Dad, and Don, who he considers family, and working out of his home, for the benefits of his business and his clients, as well as to stay close to his wife and daughter. He is deeply committed to having a supportive and caring business and to helping his clients to save money and have the savings, success and lives they desire.  

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Don Tracy

Don Tracy has been preparing taxes since 1987 and has filed thousands of tax returns, serving clients from Maine to California. Having owned his own small business, he experienced first-hand how important it is to have a trust-worthy and knowledgeable tax partner by your side. He vowed to always do his own taxes and to help others with theirs. Gifted in science and the art of numbers, he is a natural with taxes. He is a “people person,” and loves that he can use his natural abilities with complicated numbers, laws and tax situations to help his clients to feel confident and secure with their taxes and finances. As of 2019, he is now fully retired. 

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Stephen Jackson

Stephen Jackson works with his son, Shannon, in their office in Gray. He came on board as the business began to grow and after he retired from 27 years with the United States Postal Service. He assists in running the business. Stephen is also very family-oriented and loves spending time with Shannon and his family and is proud to be helping Shannon run a successful business.

Kevin Burridge

Kevin Burridge has been preparing tax returns since 1997. He previously managed an income tax office in Rockland, Maine for more than 10 years. In addition, he has personally prepared over 4,000 tax returns and had oversight of over 17,000 IRS 1040 tax returns. We look forward to his experience and support going forward.

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“We were with our last accountant for 20 years and changing over was a big decision. Friends referred us to Shannon and we’re so glad they did. Shannon is both informative & knowledgeable saving us money in numerous ways. He has good advice and a thorough analysis & understanding of our two businesses. Shannon is always available for questions. Highly recommend!”

– S-Corp Tax Returns, Individual Tax Return and Estate Tax Return Client

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